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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  January 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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bay waters. as we look at what's been happening the last 12 hours, increasing clouds now coming in from the south and west. and that area in color in the lower left is rain. all of that is approaching. it looks like it will be arriving just after noontime into the metro area earlier across virginia. we'll have that rain developing during the afternoon with highs only in the low to mid 40s. your evening planner in ten minutes. how's traffic? good morning. we have an early morning accident. this is 295 southbound at howard road, blocking two left lanes. a single vehicle into a guardrail. use caution in the area. taking the beltway, the inner loop and outer loop in virginia at the eisenhower avenue connector, you have your left lane blocked by construction there. the beltway in maryland, now problems. back to you. >> thank you, danella. now we turn our focus back to the new hampshire primary where mitt romney has pulled away even more so from the pack in the race for the republican presidential nomination. >> romney won convincingly one week after his narrow victory in
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the iowa caucuses. tracie potts is live in manchester, new hampshire, now with more. and a look ahead to south carolina in what's turning out to be a very tight race. good morning. [ inaudible ] >> thank you. [ cheers ] >> thank you, new hampshire. >> reporter: mitt romney scored a decisive victory. today he heads to south carolina focused on president obama. >> we're asking the good people of south carolina to join the citizens of new hampshire and make 2012 the year he run out of time. [ cheers ] >> certainly had a clear-cut victory, but we're nibbling at his heels. [ applause ]. >> reporter: ron paul ran strong among independents and young voters here. jon huntsman calls his third-place finish a solid, comfortable position. >> we've proved the point that this state wants its candidates
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to earn it the old-fashioned way. that's on the ground, handshake by handshake. >> reporter: newt gingrich failed to break into the top three after hammering away at romney but says the conservative south will be different. >> we can create a majority that will shock the country and a majority that will begin to put us back on the right track. it is doable. >> narrator: rick santorum could not replicate his iowa success in the granite state. >> had a lot of folks here and spending a lot of time and money, we knew it would be tough. >> reporter: he spent zero in new hampshire but has already committed to a million to get his message out down south. >> that was tracie potts live in manchester, new hampshire. up next for the candidates, south carolina. the palmetto state holds its primary a week from saturday. it looks like mitt romney could be victorious there, as well. he leads newt gingrich by 4% points in the latest public polling survey. rick santorum is in third while ron paul and rick perry are in a distant fourth and fifth place. jon huntsman would win just 4%
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of the vote according to the poll. the political action committee's backing romney are already hard at work waging the ad war in south carolina and florida. in just the past few days, the super pack restore our future has brought nearly $6 million in ad space for the front-runner. that outpaces the reported $3.4 million shelled out by a pro-newt gingrich super pac in south carolina. even before the latest purchase, pro-romney groups have spent nearly $7 million on ads this primary season. meanwhile, it appears romney is appealing to republicans from various political ideologies. according to exit polls in new hampshire, he won the support of 42% of voters who call themselves conservative. his nearest competitor, ron paul, didn't capture even half of that share. nearly four in ten moderates and liberals in new hampshire also say they supported romney. stay here throughout the morning for a full recap of the new hampshire primary. we'll have live reports from new hampshire here on "news4 today" and later on the "today" show.
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you can also get the latest results and reports on our website, aaron? new overnight, investigators trying to figure out what sparked a barn fire along westerly road. the flames destroyed the two-story structure. we're told no animals were inside at the time. the building was full of farm equipment which was all destroyed. no people were hurt. today, maryland lawmakers are back to work on a new legislative session. they'll get to work on two potentially hot-button topics, a bill legalizing same-sex marriage expected to be reintroduced there. last year it passed in the senate and died in the house. residents could also be facing a major gas tax hike to pay for transportation projects. right now the gas tax in maryland is 23.5 cents a gallon. it could jump to 38.5 cents a gallon and be among the highest in the nation. lawmakers looking into increasing fees for car registration, titling and inspections, as well, to help pay for those projects. the virginia general
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assembly's legislative session also begins today. it's a budget-writing year in virginia. governor mcdonnell has a plan that puts higher education and transportation at the top of his list. still, there are concerns about some of the money being redirected from public schools to road projects. what is likely to get the most attention is a controversial personhood bill. it defines conception as the beginning of life. opponents say that bill is an effort to outlaw abortion in the commonwealth. a man in his 60s is facing charges for attempting to smuggle a pound of heroin through dulles airport. customs and border patrols agents arrested the nigerian man last thursday. officers say the man was acting nervously and had inconsistencies on his customs declaration form. >> questioning didn't seem right. officer normally asks, how long are you away for, what did you do, the purpose of your visit, what are you bringing back. something didn't seem correct. >> this picture was taken after the man consented to a visit to a local hospital.
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it shows 20 condoms full of heroin with the street value of $31,000. the man eventually passed the pellets and was taken into custody. today a maryland man and former u.s. soldier accused of trying to help a terrorist group will be in court. federal prosecutors say 24-year-old craig baxum tried to provide material to a terrorist group. he wanted to move to somalia and live under sharia law. if convicted he could face up to 15 years in prison. there's a new show of support for the soldier accused of handing over thousands of classified documents to the wikileaks website. a group put up a billboard on new york avenue in northeast asking for bradley manning to be freed. manning faces nearly two dozen charges for leaking the documents. a military hearing was held in ft. meade in maryland last month. manning could find out in the next few days if he'll face a court-martial. now 4:36. ahead on news4 news4, putting an end to the mystery. what investigators are saying
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after recent speculation surrounding the death of actress natalie wood. rolling out the welcome mat. the area county that claims to have the perfect location for new fbi headquarters. cold temperature will greet you this morning. (ringing) hello? this is the sea calling. the sea? yeah! (laughing) what's it like there? brrrrrrr! how do you deal with that? a coat, a hat. gloves. scraping ice off a car. (making scraping noises) i don't want to rub it in, but where i am, it's 82 and sunny. get me outta here! (laughing)
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welcome back, 4:39. 39 degrees. we'll have changes in the forecast coming up. >> and a school close. in stafford county, ferry farm elementary school will be
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closed. apparently there's no heat in the building. so students at ferry farm elementary school in stafford, no school today. there's no heat at the elementary school. also, all the ymca and afternoon activities, everything canceled today until they get the heat fixed. >> just one school for one issue. nothing weather related going on. we'll check with the expert, meteorologist tom kierein. >> good morning. the 39 on the screen is right near the building. you get another 30 feet away, it's down near freezing in northwest washington. elsewhere, below freezing except at reagan national and near the bay waters. it's a little above freezing. elsewhere, we are in the mid to upper 20s. a frosty cold start. prince george's county, fairfax, arlington, and montgomery counties in the upper 20s to near 30. it's frosty cold from the mountains, shenandoah valley, and points east. we do have clouds on the increase coming from the south and west. a clear sky over northern virginia. the district and most of maryland. it's cloudy south of the
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northern virginia area and raining where you see the green and yellow. southwestern virginia, into the carolinas and across kentucky, that is advancing our way. part of a large area of low pressure that will be moving in. by 9:00, upper 30s and cloudy. low 40s by noontime. may reach perhaps mid 40s by early afternoon. by then we'll have the rain arriving into the metro area. it will be earlier than that, fredericksburg over to charlottesville, culpeper, that area will see the late morning rain coming in. around early afternoon, around the metro area, then the rain continues tonight. temperatures hold steady in the low 40s. some fog as well. we'll have that moderate rain from time to time. it should be tapering off and ending after midnight tonight. a look at big changes on the way for the end of the week and the weekend. that will be in ten minutes. how's traffic? a couple accidents affecting your commute this morning. first let's start in d.c. 295 southbound at howard road. still have the accident blocking two of your left lanes there. a driver hit the guard rail. single vehicle accident.
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hopefully it will be cleared soon. traveling i-95 in virginia, northbound at prince william parkway, you have an accident. it's in the right shoulder lane. your other lanes are just open, and you're clear making your way toward the interchange. traveling i-66, getting a little busy at actually road. no major delays eastbound, and westbound, clear, no accidents inside or outside of the beltway. and in maryland, a live look at farther hurley. i -- father hurley. i-270, no issues. connecting on to the spur and beltway, no problems at this time. aaron, so great to see you. back to you and eun. >> good to see you. are you gorgeous -- sorry, his to throw that out. i'm watching you do the thing -- wow. >> you haven't seen the morning show in a while. >> i'm usually asleep at this time. just going to bed some nights, not because i'm partying, because i'm working. get that cleared up. >> sure. 4:42. 4 degrees. still to come, a major obstacle cleared for occupy protesters in new york. the decision that had many of them celebrating overnight. plus, taking a closer look at orange juice. the discovery that has food
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welcome back at 4:44. nearly two months after they reopened the investigation into actress natalie wood's death, detectives have found no evidence to suggest that the cause was anything but accidental. the investigation was reopened in november when police said several sources came forward with new information. wood drowned off southern california during thanksgiving weekend in 1981. at the time, authorities said wood accidently fell overboard after trying to secure a dinghy that was banging the side of her yacht. occupy wall street protesters in new york celebrating what they see as a huge victory against police there. last night officers removed barricades from zuccotti park and allowed protesters back inside. civil rights groups complained to officials saying the barricades interfered with the public's use of the park which is privately owned but must be open to the public. a spokesperson for the new york
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police department says they felt the barricades were no longer necessary to keep out demonstrators. today marks the ten-year anniversary since the first prisoners arrived at guantanamo bay. the controversial naval base in cuba has held hundreds of people deemed enemy combatants. while some maintain the prison is legal, others believe it's a gross violation of human rights. some prisoners who have been released say they were held for years without being charged with an actual crim. to mark the anniversary, amnesty international and other groups are gathering to protest in front of the white house as well as other locations around the world. could the fbi be leaving washington, d.c.? that could soon happen as fairfax county is trying to lure the agency away from the district. the fbi has simply outgrown the j. edgar hoover building. fairfax county officials are suggesting a 70-acre federal warehouse site seconds from the franconia metro station. residents have mixed reactions of the agency's possible move to virginia. >> don't know what it's going to do to traffic.
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it's probably not going to help. >> it will be good for business. i got my own personal business. i'm a barber out here. it will be -- will bring more people. >> fairfax county supervisors believe moving the fbi down to springfield could save the federal government over $40 million a year. sounds like something out of a movie. a shoplifter jumps on the metro tracks to try to avoid police. it's exactly what happened at the pentagon city mall. police say the man stole something from the nordstrom's there around 8:00. security guards chased him into the metro station. that's where he jumped on to the tracks and took off down the tunnel. metro officials were forced to shut down the trains in both directions for a short time. arlington police eventually caught up with the suspect and arrested him. his name's not been released just yet. this morning, the search is on for the thieves targeting churches in stafford county. within the past few weeks, burglars have hit three churches all within eight miles of each other. the thieves stole televisions
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and electronics. at ebeneezer united methodist church they got away with $9,000 in gift cards meant for the needy. today the first lady will launch a new effort to help future doctors better treat veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and other mental health injuries. it's part of the joining forces campaign which calls for more support for military families. more than 100 medical schools have already agreed to step up training, as well as ptsd and traumatic brain injury research. the defense department estimates that nearly 213,000 military personnel have suffered traumatic brain injuries in iraq and afghanistan since 2000. mortgage giant fannie mae will soon have a new leader. michael williams is stepping down as ceo. williams was picked in 2009 to run fannie mae a year after the federal government took control of it and freddie mac. he and other executives faced tough questions on capitol hill in november over millions of dollars in bonuses they received
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since 2009. williams will stay on as ceo until a successor is found. the food and drug administration is increasing its testing for a funguside detected in juice. an anonymous juice company contacted fda officials last month saying the fungicide had been found in its own juices, as well. only trace amounts were detected. fungicides are used to control fungi or fungal spores in natural products. the national parks service is considering a unique option to help control the deer population in rock creek park. they're considering using sharp shooters. the deer population has tripled in the past decade, and they're causing major damage to plant life in the park. >> they're eating everything, and they are eating plants that are native to the ground. and so that the native plants are no longer there.
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new, invasive species that are not native to the area are taking their place. >> the national parks service says they'll make a decision on how to best cut down on the deer population in the next 30 days. if that happens, i want to make sure i'm not driving in that location. >> it's scary. the deer are just along rock creek park and -- >> massachusetts avenue. and they're not scared of you. they'll stop in the middle of the road in front of our building, too. >> right. and they are a traffic hazard, too. >> yeah. >> we've got hundreds of deer/car collisions every year. they're still active, too. under the clear sky, it is frosty cold. you'll be scraping federal government off the windshield. allow yourself extra time before you leave the house this morning for accomplishing that. and as we look there at the view from our city camera, there's the washington monument pointing to a clear sky. 34 cold degrees at reagan national. we've got a light breeze coming out of the east/northeast. and elsewhere, temperatures are down into the 20s throughout
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most of virginia, west virginia, and maryland except near the bay waters and the tidal president obama. it's a little bit warmer near or a little above freezing there. but it's down into the upper 20s in prince george's county, fairfax, arlington, montgomery counties, right near 30 degrees there in those locations. as we look at what's been happening over the last 12 to 24 hours, we've had cloud cover beginning to approach us now. right now we're clear in washington and throughout most of maryland, northern west virginia. but it's clouding up across most of virginia and southern maryland now. this is rain, this area of green and yellow and orange on the screen, that's rain, it's just coming out of the carolinas into southwestern virginia and kentucky. it will be arriving later today. across north central virginia by late morning then into the metro area by early afternoon. between now and then, a lot of clouds. we'll only climb into the low 40s by noontime, maybe briefly upper 40s early afternoon. once the rain commences, we'll be hovering in the low 40s. that will continue into this evening with patchy, dense fog along with that chilly rain. sunset today at 5:06.
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sunrise, 7:26. tomorrow morning we ought to have some cloud cover, but then sun breaking out by the middle of the day tomorrow. it will be near 40 in the morning. maybe fog around. then some sunshine breaking out and warmer into the mid to upper 50s tomorrow afternoon. then tomorrow night, a little disturbance coming through may trigger a few sprinkles with a front coming in. maybe wet snowflakes far north and west of washington, that will be late thursday, predawn friday. then sun back friday, windy and cold. highs only near 40. plunged to the low 20s by dawn saturday. saturday, partly cloudy and cold. highs upper 30s. right now sunday looking cloudy. morning lows, 20s, afternoon highs, mid 30s. small chance of flurries on sunday. then for martin luther king jr. day, sunny and cold. teens in the morning, afternoon highs, mid 30s. and now danella, how's traffic? still have a couple early morning accidents. but it looks like they're not really causing you a lot of problems. i-95 at prince william parkway heading northbound, still have the accident in your right shoulder lane. your lanes are open. i'm not seeing any major delays
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traveling 295 southbound at howard road. at last check, the accident was blocking two of the left lanes involving a single vehicle. looking now, still seeing green as you head southbound. that leads me to believe it's not causing you any delays at this time. elsewhere in our area, looking really good at this time. no issues to report as you make your way around the beltway. if you're traveling toward the memorial bridge, you're pretty much clear. in between i-270 and the dulles toll road. over to you. >> thank you very much. 4:53 now. a tough loss for hokey fans. virginia tech fell to florida state 63-59 last night after the hokies' furious second half comeback fell short. tech trailed by as many as 14 points midway through the second half. eric green's shot to tie it in the closing seconds came up short. virginia tech is now 0-2 in acc play for the first time since the 2005-2006 season. the wizards won a basketball game. seriously, the wizards won a basketball game. not joking.
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they finally notched their first win of the season. already a rough one. they defeated the toronto raptors 93-7 will -- 93-78. washington is the latest team in the league to earn a win. they are still just 1-8 on the season. every other team has at least two wins. >> we'll just improve on that record and keep on rolling. >> all right. no -- >> optimistic. >> you got to be. >> have some faith, aaron. >> they'll get it together. yes, they've still got, you know, 50 some odd games to play. >> that's right. even though it's a shortened season, plenty of games. right. tractor-trailers best part of live sports. anything can happen. >> that's right. normally the action stays on the field. martin quen was covering a soccer game between arsenal and leads -- whoa! he took a shot to the face. oh, my goodness. he played for more than 300 games for arsenal had his career. seemed okay. probably used to. it giving a thumbs up to the
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crowd and players. there are rumors that the shot was on purpose. but he brushed it off saying the players were trying to hit his co-anchor but missed. ouch. >> kind of -- you would think that would happen more often actually. they put these guys right on the field a lot of times. not on the field but pretty close. you'd think they'd get -- >> if you played for arsenal, he's used to both. if it was on purpose, that's mean-spirited. goodness. >> boys will be boys, you know. 4: 5 now. coming up, the cars of the future may soon be missing something you're used to having. the popular feature automakers are sending the way of the 8-track. and a special surprise for two girls after an unexpected visit by their mother. but it wasn't the only present they received. stick around.
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today highway experts will release an annual report on how each state is doing with basic safety laws. the report will focus on distracted driving and how younger drivers fare on the roads. the national transportation safety board reports 27% of drivers admit to texting while driving. the number jumps to 50% for people between 21 and 24 years old. cd players in cars could soon be a thing of the past according to "auto maybe news." automakers want to get rid of cd and dvd players because they are expensive and appeal main three
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older motorist. manufactures say it's more cost effective to add on-board info-tainment systems instead. many have new touch system in 2013 models that let drivers link smartphones directly to the car making it easy to make hands-free phone calls, listen to mp3 music, and use the phone's gps. what do you think about that? >> you still use a cd player? >> sometimes. sometimes. >> i think there might be a cd in mine. >> you don't listen to -- you have an ipod? >> yeah. >> all right. a montgomery county mother is home with her teenage daughters this morning. going to make you cry. >> the air force captain had been serving in afghanistan, and she found a pretty dramatic way to tell her daughter she was home. captain sharissa jackson surprised the 17-year-olds at a kfc in gaithersburg. finger likin good, right? she hadn't seen the girls since her deployment in june. it was the single mother's fourth tour in afghanistan as a ic


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